Day Night P1103545 Humidifier Filter

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This compatible Day and Night P1103545 Humidifier Water Panel Filter is an essential component that generates the important humidity to keep you comfortable during the heating season. It is recommended that you replace your Day and Night P1103545 Humidifier Water Panel Filter twice a season or more often in hard water areas.
  • Measures approximately 10 x 13 1/4 x 1 1/2
  • Features Honeycomb filtration to trap impurities and mineral pollutants found in water
  • Authentic Day and Night Furnace Humidifier replacement with durable Water Panels
The Day Night P1103545 is the correct filter replacement for the following models: 
  • Day and Night Model P110LFP1318
  • Day and Night Model P110LFP1318A
  • Day and Night Model HUMBBLBP2317
  • Day and Night Model HUMBBLFP1318A
  • Day and Night Model HUMBBLFP1218-A
  • Day and Night Model HUMBBLBP2217-A
  • Day and Night Model HUMBBLBP2317-A


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